Monday, April 18, 2011

Places to Surf in Hawaii

    When you mention surfing in Hawaii anywhere in the world, without fail the locations of Waikiki and the north shore will be mentioned. Hawaii has been one of the best surf spot since the sport was discovered there in 1767 by Captain Cook and his crew. Surfing has ancient Polynesian origins, that pre-date European contact.

The “Big” Kahuna

    The chief ( Kahuna) was the best surfer in the population, the ruling class always had the best boards, and surfed on the best beaches, but the regular common folk were not allowed the honor.

    Surfing in Hawaii can accommodate surfers of every level and ability, from the most skilled to the basic beginner. Learning to surf takes a few lessons, but learning to surf in Hawaii is an unforgettable lesson, and the instructors there are good at what they do. There are group camps or private lessons available and several resorts on Big Island, Oahu and Maui employ surfing pros.

Oahu Surf Spots

    Depending on the season different spots have more breaks; Oahu’s North Shore is infamous as the best Hawaiian surf spot, with insane waves for only the most elite of surfers. The winter months bring the “killer” waves, and the waves of tourists from all over the world to see for with their own eyes the surfing in Hawaii.

    From May through October the island population tilts southward to Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head for summer surfing. Since the treacherous waves of the North Shore are no place for beginners, instructors usually take beginners to the countless sheltered coves around the island.

 Kauai Surf Spots

    Poipu Beach is another world renowned surf spot also Hanalei Bay, Nawailiwili and Tunnels Beach. Swells at Tunnel Beach during the months of May through October can vary, from three feet to fifteen feet, with the best surf usually in the morning.

Maui Surf Spots

    Maui is an excellent place for all skill levels, in the winter months Honolua Bay, Ho’okipa and Flemming Beach are pumping, down south Maalaea Harbor, Laniapoko and Lahaina Harbor, the summer is an awesome time for surfing in Hawaii.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Places to Learn to Kitesurf

There are many sports to take an interest in, and if your interest is kitesurfing then you won’t have to go too far, here are a few places that are easy to find and are considered the best places to learn to kitesurf.

Camber Sands, Sussex- Without a good steady wind there wouldn’t be any kite surfing lessons, and there is plenty of wind at Camber Sands in the summer months, making it a good time of the year to learn kite surfing. This location has been producing kite surfers for a little over six years, and by asking around you can readily find instructors.

Poole Harbor, Dorset- Poole harbor is without a doubt one of the best places to learn to kitesurf, you will find ideal conditions here for beginner kite surfers. There’s no current, its shallow and the south westerly winds are consistent which means no big gusts to yank you up high, so it want hurt as bad when you stack it.

Brancaster, Norfolk- Big long open beaches best describe Brancaster, which makes it safer to learn kite surfing here, you will have plenty of room to get around and not cause anyone to wipe out if you lose control. With some enclosed lagoons make it one of the best places to learn to kitesurf because its ideal area to practice your water starts on.

Tarifa, Spain- If you feel like taking a holiday in Tarifa, you will have an opportunity to discover one of the truly bests places to learn to kite surf. The wind is all year and the side direction of the winds makes it easy to get out come back in.

  Kite surfing can be expensive but anyone engaged in the sport will confess it’s worth the money for the chance to take flight and soar high above the waves.

Youngest Black Belt

    The definition of what is a black belt has different meaning within the myriads of martial arts The definition of what is a black belt has different meaning within the myriads of martial arts being taught throughout the world, and there are many general misconceptions as to what is required to attain such a high rank. One of the first youngest black belts was Joshua Bishop in June of 1995 in the martial style of Koo Self Defense at the very young age of 5 years old. Joshua Bishop was featured in local newspapers, martial arts magazines and television, other names followed soon after Tommy Muller, 1995, Tyler Moore, 1998, were also 5 years of age, and most recently in May, 2009 the youngest recognized female Karate black belt in the world was named, Varsha Vinod, age 5, from Allappuzha, India.

It is truly a very rare occurrence that children at such a young age will attain a level of dedication and discipline to achieve such a high rank, but it does happen sometimes in martial arts. The question people raise the most is, are these children too young to hold such a high rank? And what about the responsibility and leadership qualities that go along with the rank? Are instructors to willing or make it to easy for children to achieve black belt ranks?

Yogi Bear Movie

    I grew up during the original Yogi Bear cartoons and I was looking forward to seeing this movie. I was convinced though this movie was going to be childish and unfunny especially after watching the movie trailers. Fortunately for me it was entertaining, as I had to sit through the movie because my kids really wanted to see it and I promised to take them.

    I was impressed with the intelligent charm that the director used to reach out to the children, it was refreshing not to see inappropriate behavior to get laughs that I have noticed are in a lot of the children’s movies today and I’m thankful there weren’t any scenes like that in Yogi Bear.

    The only negative aspects of the movie I noticed was that when the actors are interacting with Yogi or Boo Boo sometimes the actors are looking and talking at the stomach of Yogi instead of his face which made it look unsynchronized and fake.

     Yogi Bear was much better than I expected, I was amazed at all the little excited giggles coming from every direction around me that the young kids gave this movie two thumbs up, way to go Yogi Bear!