Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free e-Book: How to Survive The Coming Food Crisis

If you couldn’t find food to buy, or didn’t have money to buy food what would you do? Do you know how to survive a food crisis? People worldwide are not prepared if a natural or civil disaster made it impossible to import or grow our own food. If such a disaster were to happen, the food prices would sky rocket and grocery shelves would become empty. Within three days there would be panic by the populace because of there being no food.

Without a doubt anarchy and mass chaos would take root and thousands or millions would starve. People would dominate others for any food that could be found. Is anyone prepared for a possible situation like this, are you? How to survive when the world’s high tech agriculture industry shuts down? It is is very close to such a food crisis and people don’t realize just how possible it is. The world’s food system is vulnerable because it is so advanced, sophisticated and integrated that a disruption in the network can have dire results.
The leading nations like the United States and Canada, do not want their populations to know that a food crisis or shortage is possible. So why would the governments stay quiet? If the industrialized nation’s population were to discover how fragile the world’s food supply system is then there would be mass panic.

Why would people panic? Because industrialized nations population do not have a clue how to survive a food crisis. In the United States alone almost 40 million people are living off food stamps!
There is a book written called the “Food Bubble” that is an ebook of 30-pages that everyone should have and its free. It shows how to survive a food shortage, because if you know how vulnerable the current food system is then you will understand that it is not a matter of “if” the food crisis will happen, it is an issue of when it will happen.
The ebook explains how to store emergency rations to keep you and your family alive during a food shortage. You will also learn how to live off the land, obtain drinking water without depending on the government of FEMA camps.

You need to get a copy of the “Food Bubble” ebook now its FREE, here is what you will discover:
  • Anarchy in 3 days: No food for three days would send North America into chaos. (See page 5.)
  • Calculate How Much Food to Storage?: Learn how to calculate the amount of food you need for you and your family. (Page 7.)
  • Danger from the Sun: A solar flare from our Sun could wipe out the worlds food delivery system in blink of an eye.  (Page 10.)
  • Loaf of Bread for $2 Million Dollars:  Economic collapse can cause food prices to soar to unbelievable amounts. It has happened many times before in human history (pages 12,13).  
    The price of rat meat went up 400% in Cambodia because inflation and food crisis there made regular meat to costly for the poor population. In 2008 rat meat sold for $1.28 per kilo, this extreme survivalism  could be common throughout the world, so people need to get educated on how to survive.
  • Foraging: How to locate essential oils, protein-rich vegetation and anything edible. (page 21).
  • Government Help: Discover why people would rather live off rats, vegetation such as pine cones than wait for government assistant. (Page 23.)
  • Survive on a Garden: Grow your own garden is the best way to survive a food shortage. Understand major mistake home gardeners make it’s the difference between life and death. (Page 24.)
  • Cannibalism:  This section gives historical survival situations where people were so desperate they were forced to resort to cannibalism. A definite motivation to get prepared and buy the book “Food Bubble.”
  • Be Prepared: Don’t be scared take action now, hiding from the facts will offer no defense against what is coming. (Read page 30.)
 There is no catch; the 30-page ebook is FREE to download!

The whole purpose that this "How to survive the coming food crisis" ebook is FREE, is to hopefully help as many families as possible before the historical food crisis happens. Read “Food Bubble” and educate your family and friends. DOWNLOAD HERE

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