Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Recover Deleted Pictures and Files from Your Computer

    From time to time everyone accidentally and unexpectedly delete pictures from their computer. Sometimes people purposely delete pictures and then later discover they need them and don’t know how to recover deleted pictures and files. If this has happen to you or someone you know don’t panic, there are ways to get to recover deleted pictures with these easy steps or by using recovery software.

1) Look in the recycle bin, you may be able to recover deleted pictures and files if you haven’t emptied the recycle bin yet, they could still be there. If you are not familiar with the recycle bin, it is a little trash can icon on your desktop, by double clicking on it you will be able to see the files that have been deleted from your computer. You will have to scan down the list to find your pictures, then right click on them and look for the “Restore” option, once you have restored the pictures they will return to the folder in which they were originally deleted from.

2) If your pictures are not in the recycle bin, then you need to download recovery software to recover deleted pictures and files. There are a lot of decent download recovery software programs to be found on the Internet and downloading and using one of these is relatively easy.

3) After downloading the recovery software you can begin to install it by double clicking on the file in your download folder. Once you have installed the recovery software, double click on the shortcut icon to start the program and then choose the disk you want to scan to recover deleted picturesand files, this will usually be your computers “C” drive.

4) After the recovery software scan you will see all files that you are able to be recovered, and then you can simply right click and restore or recover deleted pictures and files you want.

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