Wednesday, March 9, 2011

eBay: Justin Bieber's Hair For Sale

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  This is a great story from BBC News, Justin Bieber is donating his hair to raise money for a charity on eBay to help animals. I think the hair donation to raise money for an animal charity, raises a few hairs. There seems to be a lot of human causes that are just as deserving. What is even more oddly is that Justin Bieber hair in fact raised £25,000 ($40,668) from its sale on Ebay.
   It was Ellen Degeneres who Justin Bieber gave his hair, there was over 90 bids for the Bieber hair on eBay. The money will go to rescued and rehabilitated animals.

Read the article here BBC News:

Justin Bieber's hair makes £25,000 in eBay charity sale

Libyans 'will fight' no-fly zone

    The current leader of Libya is against a no-fly zone, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is still in power for how long will he remain leader of Libya is not exactly known but with the current level of resistance his rein may be coming to an end sooner than he may think.
    Western countries such as America and it European allies are worried that the current crisis in Libya may flow over into the cities center and cause mass civilian causalities. So the new coalition of sorts has threaten Gaddafi with a no-fly zone if he attacks civilian targets.
    In a recent interview on a Turkish Television station Muammar Gaddafi said if Western nations impose a no-fly zone over Libya then his people will take up arms, even if the UN sanctions them.
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