Friday, August 31, 2012

Ron Paul for Governor of Texas 2014!

Ron Paul for Governor of Texas!

Now with the 2012 presidential election set to be a head-to-head race between Republican Mitt Romney, and Democrat Barrack Hessian Obama, many loyal Ron Paul supporters are wondering what he will do now? I suggest that if Ron Paul doesn’t decide to run as an independent/third party candidate for president, then he should focus on becoming the Governor of Texas. Paul has been an advocate of states’ rights to nullify unconstitutional laws and statues of the federal government, and in this way, he could at least bring a grass roots movement to state governments to rally behind, and then nullify all of the unconstitutional laws that the United States federal government has heaped on the American people.

Nullification is the answer, and there is no better nationally recognized person better than Dr. Ron Paul to lead the trend. Many people would flee to Texas if Ron Paul was elected governor, myself included! A Governor Ron Paul could turn Texas into a true shining star of an example of how true liberty and freedom can bring prosperity back to our country. If you love America, then share this link or the idea of encouraging Congressman Ron Paul to run for governor of Texas in 2014!  

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sandbag Over Looked in MMA Training Workouts

As more fighters desire to increase their MMA training to give them the best advantage they can get over their opponents, an advanced MMA training workout program becomes necessary. In the sport of mixed martial arts there are vital skills required to be developed to have any decent chance of besting an opponent, according to Master Sifu John "JP" Prisco, who has been teaching Krukan Kung Fu for 30 years. Skills such as striking, footwork and submission techniques that are often used by the now popularized Brazilian Jiu-jitsu also known as BJJ, "are essential to have," said Sifu Prisco.

While skills such as these are all necessary to have, in many cases strength and stamina can win fights over just efficient skill sets. One advanced MMA training workout that is often over looked by those fighters who focus mostly on weight training, is leg and back strength training using a sang bag or dead weights.

Regular leg and back strength training utilizing a heavy sandbag or dead weights is one of the best all around advanced MMA training workout programs a fighter can do to develop their full fighting potential to best their opponent. Below is a sample training routine using a large sandbag that you can experiment with to assimilate the skill into your regular MMA training workout program.

1) Do ten squats with the sandbag over your right shoulder and another ten with the sandbag over the left shoulder.

2) With the sandbag in the upright position, squat in front of it and bear hug it, then walk around nonstop for a minute, then squat down (while still holding the bag) for 10 seconds and then walk again for another minute. Do this for 15 minutes while never letting go of the sandbag.

While this MMA training exercise sounds easy enough, it isn't. To successfully strengthen your back and legs, giving you increased stamina and strength, you need to constantly bear the weight of the sandbag. According to Master Sifu Prisco, the best MMA training program should focus mostly on developing core muscles while doing exercises that use large enough objects like a sandbag, to simulate the weight and size of an opponent.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Durian: An Unusual Food that Simply Must Be Tasted at Least Once

In the Philippines there are many exciting and unusual foods that simply must be tasted at least once, the Durian fruit is one of those foods. Compared to Western fruits, some fruits in Philippines and in other Asian countries have such unique and distinctive tastes and aromatic smells. The Durian fruit has such a strongly unique smell that most of the public transportation in the Philippines will not allow you to transport it, because many people find the smell nauseating. After first smelling the Durian fruit for the first time many people immediately have second thoughts about putting it in their mouths.

The fruit's very distinctive aroma either appeals to an individual or it doesn't. There are very few people in between, but, for the few adventurous individuals who can overcome the very strong distinctive aroma have found the Durian's unique flavor to be very rich and delicious. Any attempt to describe the taste of this fruit to others would be futile, as there aren't any similar comparable tasting fruits on the planet. In this regard, the Durian truly is one of the exciting and unusual foods that simply must be tasted at least once.

Here are some very interesting facts about the Durian. The fruit can weigh up to ten pounds or more, and if you can manage to get past it's dangerous needle pointed thorny husk, then you will discover it's large meaty seeds neatly arranger in it's interior. Many Westerners wonder why people in the Philippines go to great lengths to eat the meat surrounding the Durian's seeds? The only way for you to find out is to taste it, at least once.

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