Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free e-Book: How to Survive The Coming Food Crisis

If you couldn’t find food to buy, or didn’t have money to buy food what would you do? Do you know how to survive a food crisis? People worldwide are not prepared if a natural or civil disaster made it impossible to import or grow our own food. If such a disaster were to happen, the food prices would sky rocket and grocery shelves would become empty. Within three days there would be panic by the populace because of there being no food.

Without a doubt anarchy and mass chaos would take root and thousands or millions would starve. People would dominate others for any food that could be found. Is anyone prepared for a possible situation like this, are you? How to survive when the world’s high tech agriculture industry shuts down? It is is very close to such a food crisis and people don’t realize just how possible it is. The world’s food system is vulnerable because it is so advanced, sophisticated and integrated that a disruption in the network can have dire results.
The leading nations like the United States and Canada, do not want their populations to know that a food crisis or shortage is possible. So why would the governments stay quiet? If the industrialized nation’s population were to discover how fragile the world’s food supply system is then there would be mass panic.

Why would people panic? Because industrialized nations population do not have a clue how to survive a food crisis. In the United States alone almost 40 million people are living off food stamps!
There is a book written called the “Food Bubble” that is an ebook of 30-pages that everyone should have and its free. It shows how to survive a food shortage, because if you know how vulnerable the current food system is then you will understand that it is not a matter of “if” the food crisis will happen, it is an issue of when it will happen.
The ebook explains how to store emergency rations to keep you and your family alive during a food shortage. You will also learn how to live off the land, obtain drinking water without depending on the government of FEMA camps.

You need to get a copy of the “Food Bubble” ebook now its FREE, here is what you will discover:
  • Anarchy in 3 days: No food for three days would send North America into chaos. (See page 5.)
  • Calculate How Much Food to Storage?: Learn how to calculate the amount of food you need for you and your family. (Page 7.)
  • Danger from the Sun: A solar flare from our Sun could wipe out the worlds food delivery system in blink of an eye.  (Page 10.)
  • Loaf of Bread for $2 Million Dollars:  Economic collapse can cause food prices to soar to unbelievable amounts. It has happened many times before in human history (pages 12,13).  
    The price of rat meat went up 400% in Cambodia because inflation and food crisis there made regular meat to costly for the poor population. In 2008 rat meat sold for $1.28 per kilo, this extreme survivalism  could be common throughout the world, so people need to get educated on how to survive.
  • Foraging: How to locate essential oils, protein-rich vegetation and anything edible. (page 21).
  • Government Help: Discover why people would rather live off rats, vegetation such as pine cones than wait for government assistant. (Page 23.)
  • Survive on a Garden: Grow your own garden is the best way to survive a food shortage. Understand major mistake home gardeners make it’s the difference between life and death. (Page 24.)
  • Cannibalism:  This section gives historical survival situations where people were so desperate they were forced to resort to cannibalism. A definite motivation to get prepared and buy the book “Food Bubble.”
  • Be Prepared: Don’t be scared take action now, hiding from the facts will offer no defense against what is coming. (Read page 30.)
 There is no catch; the 30-page ebook is FREE to download!

The whole purpose that this "How to survive the coming food crisis" ebook is FREE, is to hopefully help as many families as possible before the historical food crisis happens. Read “Food Bubble” and educate your family and friends. DOWNLOAD HERE

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Your Child’s First Bed

 If you’re looking for your child’s first bed for your kid’s room, then there are quite a few bed makers out there that offer a wide selection for you to choose from. Most children’s beds can also accommodate slightly older kids and even some pre-teens, although many manufactures make their beds to last most children up until ten years of age. 

 Whenever you think it’s the right time to buy child’s first bed, realize that it is be a big deal for them. The transition to your child’s first bed is a very special time, and it may be difficult at first for you and them to sleep alone, in their own bed. Parents need to be patient with their children during the few days, or longer. It takes a child to time to adjust, and this is a normal. 

  A child’s first bed is of course constructed smaller than an adult single bed for a number of reasons, mainly because kids are much smaller. Children’s beds are also made to be lower to the floor than regular adult sized beds. Lower beds allow children to more easily climb into their bed, and will also make your child feel more comfortable when sleeping than they would in an adult size bed.

    Another notable difference between a child’s first bed and an adult bed is that a child’s bed usually comes with some type of storage space, usually a drawer. Storage space for clothes or toys under the bed can help children learn how to organize and take care of their own things. Some bed designs for kids also have headboards or footboards that have storage space built into them.

  Your child’s first bed is a big step for his or her development, because it can help in their transition later into their teenage years. Consider buying some accessories for the bed that will complement their room. Such accessories could include a small table and some little chairs, or even a small desk, so you can encourage them to do their school work. Accessories such as a dresser are popular, especially with theme type kid’s beds.

   Some of types of theme beds for kids include fun things, like a small slide on the side, this can be a lot of fun for a child and help them to get out of bed, and off to school. Your child’s first bed can even have a little ladder. Your child’s imagination will surely thrive if you chose a themed, but whether you chose a themed bed or not, your child’s first bed will surely be one that they will remember fondly for the rest of their life. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Download Youtube Videos the Easy Way

    I have been trying to download Youtube videos, but I could never find where there is a Youtube video download feature. So I have been asking many people I know how to download Youtube videos and no one I know seems to know how.

  Well I came across this site that lets shows you how to download YouTube videos and to my utter surprise it is so simple to do. After registering with the site and I can now download YouTube videos fast and easy, I then decided to let everyone know about this Download YouTube Videos site. Because it is so simple to do you, will drop your jaw in awe … hehe. Anyways now you can download any video from YouTube and convert it to a mp4 file, and then you can play videos on your mobile phone or Internet device. Here is the Download YouTube Videos site, enjoy!

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How to Recover Deleted Pictures and Files from Your Computer

    From time to time everyone accidentally and unexpectedly delete pictures from their computer. Sometimes people purposely delete pictures and then later discover they need them and don’t know how to recover deleted pictures and files. If this has happen to you or someone you know don’t panic, there are ways to get to recover deleted pictures with these easy steps or by using recovery software.

1) Look in the recycle bin, you may be able to recover deleted pictures and files if you haven’t emptied the recycle bin yet, they could still be there. If you are not familiar with the recycle bin, it is a little trash can icon on your desktop, by double clicking on it you will be able to see the files that have been deleted from your computer. You will have to scan down the list to find your pictures, then right click on them and look for the “Restore” option, once you have restored the pictures they will return to the folder in which they were originally deleted from.

2) If your pictures are not in the recycle bin, then you need to download recovery software to recover deleted pictures and files. There are a lot of decent download recovery software programs to be found on the Internet and downloading and using one of these is relatively easy.

3) After downloading the recovery software you can begin to install it by double clicking on the file in your download folder. Once you have installed the recovery software, double click on the shortcut icon to start the program and then choose the disk you want to scan to recover deleted picturesand files, this will usually be your computers “C” drive.

4) After the recovery software scan you will see all files that you are able to be recovered, and then you can simply right click and restore or recover deleted pictures and files you want.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Protect Your Pet From Fleas

  How to protect your pet from fleas? If you love your pet as much as I love mine then it pains you to seen them suffering from the effects of fleas. If there are bald spots showing up on your dog then that is probably an indication that they have a flea problem. Bald spots begin to show up when fleas start to overrun your pet’s skin and the bald spots are a result of your animal biting away at the fur trying to get at their fleas.

    If you have ever taken your cat to the veterinarian because of tapeworms your vet will tell you it is probably because your cat has been eating his fleas. Learning how to protect your pet from fleas is important and it also helps to protect your guest too. It can be embarrassing to have visitors be bitten by fleas that are in your home so if you protect your pet from fleas you will also protect any guest you may have.

    There are many products that claim to kill fleas and it can be a bit confusing and frankly overwhelming financially to try them all to determine which product works best.

    For me I needed something strong for my dog to protect her from fleas because I like to take her everywhere and where we live is near open fields. I like to let her run a few days a week and she always brings back a fresh load of fleas with her and I was always get tired of fighting the new batch. I didn’t want to keep her from going out and running because she loves it and it is good exercise for her.

     So I got serious about fleas, I wanted to know everything about them so I could deal with my dog’s flea problem once and for all. Well I’ve spent lots of money on many products and some do work better than others but I still believed I would find something better after each new flea product I tried.

    Well I came across this book called How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas and it educated me that I was going about fighting my dogs fleas the wrong way. Instead of fighting the fleas once they got onto my dog I discovered I should be preventing them from getting on my dog. So now I have a regular flea prevention program that works and keeps the fleas from getting on my dog. Now my dog is happy and I am happy and you will be happy too once you check out this book How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas you can Download Here.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Get Women Easy

   Do opinion openers really work when picking up women? If you want to know how to get women easy then sure opinion openers can work if you use them right. Using openers is usually for people who are not comfortable with themselves or with their ability to speak in public.

Speaking to Beautiful Strangers

    Speaking to beautiful strangers is probably the most feared thing for men to do. You can really notice and appreciate this truth if you notice men’s reactions when a beautiful woman passes them. Men react instinctively attracted as if shocked while their muscles tense and they appear board or stiff like.

Timing isn’t Everything

    If you want to how to get women easy, then you have to understand some situation women get into. In this case when a woman is walking outside downtown or somewhere crowded, she is probably busy going somewhere. Men who inject themselves when a woman is busy usually get shut down because, she is busy. Now when picking up women if you make her day a little easier then you may have a chance to start a conversation. Opening a door and saying something nice will definitely get you noticed and heard, or if a woman is in line buying something and is struggling to find some change, a suave guy will be quick on the draw and give the clerk the change for her. This will definitely be a good time to start a conversation by using an opinion opener.

   Guys need to consider that picking up women who are beautiful, are women who get picked up on all the time and they get used to turning men down at the drop of a hat. If a gorgeous woman would stop and listen to every guy that wanted to talk to them, then they would have no time to do anything else with their lives. But one of the tricks on how to get women easy, is to make a woman’s day a little easier. She will give you the time to say what you want and not brush you off as if you’re just another guy trying to pick her up.

    The first thing a woman looks at before she hears anything a man has to say, is the clothes that he’s wearing. She is thinking, is the guy clean and neat? For men to understand how to get women easy, and have a chance at picking up women, they need to have a woman’s attention to be able to start a successful conversation. So, a guy has to be decently dressed or at least neat in his appearance if an opinion opener or witty remark will have a chance to work.

Opinion Openers to Try

    The best way how to get women easy is by not being direct, ask a question about something you may need help. Women like to be asked for advice, it makes them feel that their opinions are appreciated.
Here are a few suggestions that you can try:
  • “Hi my name is _____, can you give an idea of what is as appropriate gift idea for a female friend of mine?”
  • “Can you help me sort out a disagreement my work mate and I have, he says women like to pay for their meal on a date … is that true?”  
  • “I’m planned to see a movie this weekend, can you suggest a good movie for me to see?”
  • “A girl at my office changes her hair color almost weekly. Why do girls color their hair that often?”  
   These are neutral non-pressure questions. This is how to get women easy, a woman will be interested in you if you are interested in what she has to say. From this point you’re on your own. If your wit fails to give a response to her suggestion then just say “that’s a great idea thank you so much” and then leave.  Lose the battle not the war, picking up women isn’t a onetime try, it will take a few good conversations to get a woman’s real interest in you, so stay in the game.

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How to pick up Women

I have worked with men from every social status in life and there is always a conversation about how to pick up women. The truth is the more men talk about the strategies they use to talk to women, what to say to them and even what opening lines to use, the farther away from their goal of having a real conversation with a woman they get.
    What I mean to say is that guys have to be themselves, women can see right through us guys even if the words are romantic and perfectly orchestrated. A woman can feel a man’s intention and if what he says and what he feels don’t line up then “your outa there!” next batter up.

How to Hypnotize Any Woman 

    The funny thing about guys is they are like rats, guys collect all kind of advice (mostly bad) and then sit at home or hang out with their buddies and talk about how to pick up women instead of going out and trying to talk to one. The more men read about picking up on women or chicks (whatever you want to call the opposite sex) the more crap they think they have to do or say to talk with women. So, less is actually best. I believe most women would just like a guy to say “Hi, how are you?” and then just let nature takes its course, for the good or the bad.

    There is no guarantee in life, many websites and books promise success in how to pick up women or promise you how to meet women with 100% success. Sorry to say that’s hogwash. Each woman is unique, if a woman likes you, then she likes you simple as that. If you’re not comfortable with yourself then a woman will not be comfortable around you. If your happy with your life and are an easy going guy, then a woman will be easy going and happy around you. That is the big easy secret, just invest in yourself have a balanced outlook on life and be happy and a woman will find you.

    In the end it’s all about you, not how to pick up women, dating hundreds of women will not make you happy, only you can make yourself happy. So what do you want? Be happy and women will want to know and be around you, be sad and you will ultimately be alone.

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Plagiarizing My Own Words

I dedicate this article to all the innocent people accused of plagiarizing. While working on assignments students and professional writers have an almost unlimited source of information available to them, via the Internet. Information found on the Internet can be used in an assignment by citing and referencing the sources of the material, and including the name of the original author and the title of the work. A Web link could also be provided when referring to an electronic source of material.

I like to read, over the years I can't count how many books and articles I have read on countless subjects. My concern is that when I write, sometimes I may write something similar to something I have read years ago, not intentionally quoting anyone of course. Similarly, if two people have similar thoughts or ideas and they happen to write the same sentence, then plagiarism checker software will flag them. This has happen to me many times before and it is frustrating to say the least.

If a hundred people are asked the same question, is not there a chance two people will have similar thoughts? After ten years and thousands of people are asked the same question, would not the same question be answered similarly almost word for word a few times?

A student or writer will most likely have to be very creative to word his thoughts in a way no one has ever thought of or have written before. As the data banks of universities and schools increase from year to year it seems more students and professional writers unknowingly seem to be plagiarizing others by simply having thoughts similar to those people of the past.

In my opinion humans have a lot in common as to reasoning and expression of ideas. Eventually two or more people will say the same thing, and it seems that whoever writes their thoughts first owns those thoughts or words. So, if anyone comes to a conclusion, has an idea or expresses their thoughts by the power of their own reasoning, and says something similar as another, then is that plagiarism?

"Great minds think alike?" I have no idea who has said this quote, but I have thought it many times before I ever heard anyone say it. When I realized someone had said it before me, I felt as if no one gave me credit for what I thought was my own original idea, which in fact it was my original idea, but someone beat me to it. So, I can not claim my thoughts as my own in this example, and would be accused of plagiarizing if I did not cite the author.

These are my thoughts on the matter, and I have to say every time I submit an article or assignment I fear I may have written something in a way some one may have written it before me, and I fear that I will not get credited for my own originality of thought or worse be accused of being plagiarizing others.

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How I Make Money From Home.


If you have come to the conclusion that making money online is the ultimate way to earn a living, while staying at home and having the freedom to make your own schedule, then you are absolutely correct. But, just to give you a little cautionary warning, before you start making money online you need to learn how, and that will require your time along with a small financial investment.

Self help books on how to make money from home are abundant as are e-books about making money online. But many people don't realize that if you do the research online , you too can discover for yourself how to make some internet money for yourself, without putting a hole in your pocket.

Now there are a lot of good starter books or e-books that you can get that aren't so pricey that will surely get you started in the right direction, and that's what I would suggest.

Don't go crazy buying many e-books on how to start you own online business or how to make money from home programs at once. Find one that sounds good at a price you can live with, download it and give it enough time to try and make the program work. Here is a list of great "Make money from home" books, some of these books opened my eyes and helped me to see how to make money online from home.

Many people get excited about making money online , and then when they actually download an e-book or product that shows them how to do it, they don't follow through. Making internet money isn't easy, it takes some hard work at first, but many people think that it's easy.

I have put a few website below that I personally use to make money online to get you started in the right direction, and these websites have great instructions that are easy to follow. Just be prepared to invest some of your time and effort before you actually see some big internet money come in.

Google adsense is my personal biggest source of internet money, I get paid when people read my blogs, you can start your own blog for free at I get paid per page view and so can you when people read your articles. The easiest way to get started in making money from home is using a service to get your articles published and viewed, so that you can be making money online when people view your articles. One of the Free publishing services I use when I got started making money online is called, but now I publish with Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Its a great publishing service and they have ample resource and tools to help you create your own articles, and to get them published. Please click on my Triond profile, or my Yahoo! Contributor Network profile, if you do decide to sign up for a Free account, as I will get you as a referral. I will help you on your way to writing your own articles just contact me me on my Yahoo! profile.

The great thing about these free publishing websites for me in the beginning was that they are Free, and they do all the promoting of your articles for you on their established websites. This will get your articles higher on the search engine's pages. So just write articles and they will do all the work.

I wish you all the best of luck, and with a little consistent hard work and patience in just a few months, you could be making money online from home.

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