Saturday, February 4, 2012

Durian: An Unusual Food that Simply Must Be Tasted at Least Once

In the Philippines there are many exciting and unusual foods that simply must be tasted at least once, the Durian fruit is one of those foods. Compared to Western fruits, some fruits in Philippines and in other Asian countries have such unique and distinctive tastes and aromatic smells. The Durian fruit has such a strongly unique smell that most of the public transportation in the Philippines will not allow you to transport it, because many people find the smell nauseating. After first smelling the Durian fruit for the first time many people immediately have second thoughts about putting it in their mouths.

The fruit's very distinctive aroma either appeals to an individual or it doesn't. There are very few people in between, but, for the few adventurous individuals who can overcome the very strong distinctive aroma have found the Durian's unique flavor to be very rich and delicious. Any attempt to describe the taste of this fruit to others would be futile, as there aren't any similar comparable tasting fruits on the planet. In this regard, the Durian truly is one of the exciting and unusual foods that simply must be tasted at least once.

Here are some very interesting facts about the Durian. The fruit can weigh up to ten pounds or more, and if you can manage to get past it's dangerous needle pointed thorny husk, then you will discover it's large meaty seeds neatly arranger in it's interior. Many Westerners wonder why people in the Philippines go to great lengths to eat the meat surrounding the Durian's seeds? The only way for you to find out is to taste it, at least once.

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